Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming is one of the most common services we perform.  It is reccommended that you have the trees on your property trimmed at least once per year to prevent them from overgrowning. Many people need there trees trimmed for a variety of reasons:

  • A recent storm has caused branches to break
  • Tree’s growing at an excessive rate
  • Cutting for aesthetic appearance
  • Branch removal near power lines

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning and tree are often confused to be the same service but they are quite different. Tree trimming is the act of cutting of branches when they become too large or too dangerous. The purpose of tree pruning is to make strategic cuts in the tree while it is still young to guide its growth patterns. Tree pruning is very important especially in the early stages of the tree’s life. It needs to be done at least a couple of times per year so that your tree grows to be healthy and fit for your property. If you have a young tree or just planted one, give one of our certified arborists a call and schedule a tree pruning today! Leave tree pruning up to the professionals at Quick Tree Service. Attempting to perform tree pruning yourself without the proper knowledge of where to cut the branches can cause harm to your tree.

Tree Removal

Tree Removal is another very common practice.  Tree’s that have been damaged due to recent storms must sometimes be cut down completely if there is sufficient damage to the trunk.  Other customers sometimes have trees cut down and removed to allow more sunlight to shine on their homes.  Other times trees become sick and begin to rot and must be removed for safety reasons.

Stump Removal & Grinding

Once a tree is cut down, the entire removal process is not yet complete. In order to completely remove a tree from your property the remaining stump needs to be removed through a process call stump grinding. Stump removal is performed with special equipment that grinds the stump of the tree and roots into dust. This will allow you to plant grass, shrubs or even a new tree in its place. Without grinding the stump and the roots, it can continue to grow and impede on the development of any new plants or tree you might decide to replace your tree with.

For whichever scenario, Quick Tree Service has you covered.  Call us today at 888-505-7972 and set up an appointment for your tree trimming or tree removal.

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